While the numbers our testers put up suggested that Cobra’s S2 would be a better choice for the average golfer, I have to admit that I came away from our tests with a certain fondness for the ZL. As long or longer than many of the drivers tested. While I’ll discuss it a bit more later in the review, most significant about the ZL apart from the performance is that it’s really the first Cobra driver that looks the part of being designed for the Rickie Fowler generation. This is true of the ZL Encore, which like the original ZL produces a sound, that while not quiet, I would still describe as subtle. Featuring a Carbon Fibre crown and sole for enhanced performance, the ZL Encore also features Adjustable Flight Technology for optimised fitting to the conditions. Fujikura Motore F1 Grip:

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Hit your ball with the distance you need using a Cobra ZL driver.

So less distance meant more full 9i pw shots which was also better than being closer to greens and halving half shots. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. However, Cobra is offering the option of interchanging any of these stock pieces as the golfer sees fit.

I am going cobra golf white zl encore cut the r shaft off for my grand son 13, and start him off with a club that will I hope let him start with a bang. I loved the look of this at address, encre it was hard to control. CONS Bright white head and white shaft combo has many detractors; overall weight is too light for some testers; not tons of feedback at impact. Feb 15, 12 Comments.

Double Gee 6 years ago. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say our testers botched this one.

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Great work Cobra, and cobra golf white zl encore for a great review. Skip to main content. The ZL Encore produces a high, relatively straight ball whitw easier than some drivers to move right to left.

The elliptical pattern also enlarges the sweet zone by 30 percent for improved accuracy. There are still three simple settings: Striking white head and shaft combination definitely stands out from the pack; a no-nonsense shape. I have played Cobra L4V driver Regular shaft whhite longer than any other club.

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Are these the real Fuji shafts? The following results were gathered based on a 10 shot sample with each club. Real Clbra much better cobra golf white zl encore. One of those is that Cobra drivers will always perform well for us. It’s gaudy, distracting, and ultimately it doesn’t work for me April 28, at HI Are these the real Fuji shafts?

2012 Cobra ZL Encore Driver

Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. Write a Review Rate This Product: The specs are as follows: All clubs are preowned Japanese models with Japanese specifications.

The ZL Encore showed an improvement in all categories. VooDoo Lie Angle Cobrz The face geometry of the new ZL Encore, along with the weight port, allow for cobra golf white zl encore higher launching and lowering spinning shot when struck low on the face.

May 1, 52 Comments.

Has a tour issue serial number and no loft stamped on the head. A little neon yellow is cool. None of it adds up to a product our testers loved.